Algeria’s 7 Wonders of the World

unesco-sites-algeriaDid you know that Algeria has no less that seven UNESCO listed sites to explore?

In Algeria, tourism is fairly undeveloped. Due to the limited tourist infrastructure, visitors to some of the UNESCO sites are few.  But what treasures await those who make the journey!

The Casbah in Algiers – the medieval Arab quarter that escaped Baron Haussmann’s remodelling of the city before he turned his attention to demolishing and rebuilding much of central Paris.  Though much of the Casbah is need of restoration, there are wonderful houses and narrow streets to visit.  The streets are so narrow that refuse is still collected using donkeys as lorries cannot get through.

The Roman cities of Timgad and Djemila and Tipaza.  The first two are on the edge of the Sahara desert.  They were both originally built for retired Roman veteran legionnaires who were allowed to lack nothing in their final years.  Theatres, markets, massage parlours and even state of the art public lavatories were also constructed by the emperors to reward their faithful service.

The valley of M’Zab – five fortified villages in the Sahara desert.  The architecture was carefully designed to foster community living, while protecting the privacy of families.  You can see great photos here.

Tassili n’Ajjer – amazing cave paintings in the desert recalling a time when the climate was cooler and wetter, with giraffes roaming the grasslands.  In more recent times, writers like Erich von Däniken claimed these pictures show astronauts visiting the earth.

The Kalâa des Béni Hammad, an ancient Arab city in the desert.

However… we can add another wonder of the world to this list.  There has been thick snow in the Sahara this year, something that is incredibly rare.






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